Inaugural Blog Post

This is the inaugural post on my psychotherapy blog. I do intend my posts to have a focus on psychotherapy and mental health issues without being too rigid about this. That said, I hope to be entertaining, wide ranging, informative, thought provoking and not too technical. I also would like to encourage comments, though these will be moderated.

My wanderings here will include:

  • Comments on popular news and health science articles dealing with mental health treatments, diagnosis and psychotherapy. One of the first of these will be about using low level electrical currents to treat depression. There is probably a way to make your bicycle into a generator and put electrodes into your bike helmet, exercise AND cutting edge mental health treatment, yeah.
  • Reviews/discussions of movies and TV shows that deal with mental health and, especially, depict psychotherapy. If you have suggestions, I would love to have them. My first wanderings in this area will likely be Ikiru, Kurasawa’s 1952 masterpiece, and Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell, from 2013. These really do not say anything directly about mental health or psychotherapy. They both are about story telling and how we make sense of ourselves and the people around us.
  • Posts dealing with books and short stories that are relevant. My first of these will deal with Vallis by Philip K. Dick, which has a great (fictionalized?) description of his Inpatient Psychiatric hospitalization in California in the 1970’s.
  • Discussion of books and articles that are of a professional nature, such as journal articles and books written for psychotherapists. I will certainly be writing about the work of authors such as Irving Kirsch on Placebos, David Healy about the Pharmaceutical Industry and Joanna Moncrieff on an alternative understanding of how psychiatric drugs work.
  • Notices about relevant happenings here and elsewhere that I hope you may find interesting.
  • Who knows?

I do know that I want to talk about what I have found out about psychotherapy in my 30 years of doing it. I would also like to encourage those of us that do psychotherapy to make some noise about it’s value, particularly in challenging the quick, seemingly no effort fix that the pharmaceutical industry seems to promise. The reliance on medications as a first line of treatment can reduce the meaning in our lives to such things as “chemical imbalances” and “neural pathways”.

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